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ATV Offroad Fury 3

Game boxart A review of: ATV Offroad Fury 3 by: Etali
Platform: PS2  | Publisher: Sony
Date:| Rating: 8.0/10
ATV Offroad Fury 3 is the latest ATV racing game developed by Climax. Fans of older ATV games, or any extreme sports / stunts games should enjoy this one.

ATV Offroad Fury 3 features a top class soundtrack of rock and hip-hop artists,including bands such as Good Charlotte, Lostprophets, and Slipknot.

The game itself is a mix of racing, stunts, and callenges, with a variety of modes for different challenges, and some mini-games too.

The controls are suprisingly friendly for an ATV game, and the ATVs handle quite well. Stunts are accomplished in he usual manner, although there are some new things to worry about such as pre-loading jumps to get the right amount of height. The tutorial mode is slightly intimidating, rushing you into stunts and combos that would only be seen on the later levels of a stunt game such as Tony Hawks.

The stunt mode is slightly more forgiving than in SSX or Tony Hawks, however, and even a beginner should be able to quickly learn to perform long combos.

In races, your opponents are aggressive, but it is still forgiving, and you should find a challenge at all levels of ability.

The customisation options in the game are limited, but it is still possible to get a rider to feel like it is yours. There are a number of liveries and colours to choose from on he riders, and you have a choice of 24 ATVs which look and handle differently. Once you have chosen your ride, you can tune its performance too.

The game supports multi-player, with up to 4 players using a multi-tap, or 6 players online.

The variety of events and modes should please all players, from racers to stunt riders, and those in-between. There are plenty of different challenges and race modes, and lots of tracks to learn and ride in freestyle mode.

Easily the best game of this type.

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